Akomaiway Branding 

This is a logo design I created whilst working with IDIA (Indigenous Design in Aotearoa). Akomaiway is a māori focused app through which users can find educators and education pathways. I worked with some other designers to collaboratively generate the initial ideas for this logo design. The direction that the client chose was one of my designs which incorporates the brand name AMW and focuses on the ideas of weaving, pathways, energy and education. The weaving aspect is there to represent knowledge, weaving is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation and I felt it was an important aspect to include in the design. The negative space in the design represents the pathways people can take when approaching education. The color pallette represents hiringa “energy” or that spark of knowledge people get when they learn. Finally, the logo has been turned to make it resemble stairs to show that education is a means for someone to elevate themselves.